Stumped on What Gifts to Get for the Holidays? Use Fligoo!


landing_fligoo_Is buying gifts a chore for you? Fligoo is just what you need to get your loved ones gifts they’ll really appreciate and enjoy. Using it takes 3 simple steps. Here’s how:

In order to find gifts, the first step is to go to Fligoo and click on the blue “Get Started” tab. This will sign you onto Fligoo through Facebook. Once you’re there you will see Facebook friends who have a birthday coming up. You can click on them to get them a gift, or type in a friend’s name in the search box. For me, Fligoo pulled up a list of 4 Facebook friends who have birthdays coming up, one of which is a good friend of mine.friendspage_fligoogifts_

Here is a sample page with gift suggestion that pulls up for each one of your facebook friends.

I clicked on her picture and it gave me tons of gift ideas to get her. The gift suggestions are based on her likes and most of them were music-related, such as CD’s and headphones. Did Fligoo get it right? Well, my friend happens to be a music teacher so yes – they hit the nail on the head! I found a bunch of suggestions that I know she’d love!¬† I was able to narrow down the categories and move around the price range. I tried this on my father, just to see would come up, and Fligoo suggested jazz albums (he loves jazz) and a Portable Rechargeable Stereo Speaker System (he’s a tech geek).


Here is a sample page of a gift suggestion – once you click on the picture you can have the option to “go for it” and buy it.

Once you click on a gift you like, if you want to buy it just click on the green “Go for it” tab. This will direct you to another site where you can buy the gift. As you can see – three easy and quick steps, it’s hard to believe buying gifts is so simple and fun!

partner_finalFunnel_ After you click on the “go for it” tab you will be redirected to another site and you can buy the gift there.

If you’re trying to find a gift for one of your friends and feel overwhelmed by all of the gift ideas, try narrowing down the price. The price range is $1-$500+ but you can change it to be however much you want to spend. You can also narrow down by picking specific categories. The categories are:

  • clothes and accessories
  • technology
  • entertainment (music, books and DVD’s)
  • deco, office and garden
  • hobbies, toys and gadgets
  • activities
  • health, beauty and spa

Visit Fligoo to sign up. It’s free, super-easy and fun!

I received compensation to facilitate this review. All opinions, as always, are my own.


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