NYC Show Review: Mother Africa at the New Victory Theater


Mother Afrika 2010 088Life has its challenges, but it doesn’t means dreams can’t happen. In 2005 a street artist named Winston Ruddle invested all of his savings to make his childhood dream come true: he founded a circus college in an old hotel in Tanzania. His mission: to train young African artists. Over the years Ruddle has trained over 150 young African performers at the Artists’ College thus providing many with the opportunity to escape poverty. A few days ago I got to see some of those artists, who are a part of Circus Der Sinne (Circus of the senses), at “Mother Africa” at the New Victory Theater. Here’s what I thought:

In “Mother Africa” the cast of 26 performers mixes modern circus acts with traditional African dance and music. A 7-person band plays a variety of instruments, including traditional African drums. I found the music fun and the singing to be absolutely gorgeous, plus the traditional dancing and costumes make you feel like you’re on a little trip to Africa.

Mother Afrika 2010 221But the real showstopper is the daredevil acrobatic acts: there’s a guy on a unicycle who rides on ridiculously tall unicycles; an amazing hula hoops dancer; mind-boggling Icarian Games (where a foot juggler manipulates an acrobat instead of an inanimate object); a breathtaking chair stack performance and a human pretzel, just to name a few. Some of the performances were similar to Cirque de Soleil and just like Cirque de Soleil, I just kept hearing myself  say “wow!” at every single act. What also impressed me was the lack of padding on the floor. There was not a single thing to protect these brave and talented artists, which include a young boy.Chairs“Mother Africa” will be showing through the holiday season and is a fun show for the entire family. The performance is 100 minutes long, plus a short intermission. It’s appropriate for kids ages 5 and up.

Here’s a clip from the show:

When: Through January 5th, 2014

Where: The New Victory Theater
209 West 42nd Street, Between 7&8 Avenues, New York

Price: $17-$60 per person

To Purchase Tickets click here.

To purchase by phone call (646) 223-3010

Box office is open Sunday & Monday 11am-5pm; Tuesday-Saturday 12pm-7pm

Photos courtesy of Circus Der Sinne

I was not compensated for this post I received tickets.


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