Budsies: Custom-Made Stuffed Animals Designed by Your Kids


IMG_5741My kids love having their beds covered with tons of stuffed animals. Each one holds a special place in their heart, each one has a story of how they got it. But they each also have a stuffed animal that’s a little bit more special than the others. Why? Because they designed it all on their own. Budsies are stuffed animals that are 100% designed by them. Here’s how it works:

Making Budsies is simple: just upload a picture of a drawing your child has made. Budsies are stuffed animals but they don’t have to be an animal at all. My daughter drew a princess and my son drew a minivan (he’s obsessed with cars). If your child needs some inspiration you can click here for a gallery of some templates but even if your child can’t draw that well, abstract art can still be made into a Budsie. Once I uploaded the picture I took of the drawing, (you can also text it) I was asked to describe it. For the princess I wrote what the princess is wearing and also described her hair color, hairstyle and crown. For the minivan I wrote about the windows and wheels on it. Then I clicked on “checkout” and voila: six weeks later we got the Budsies and my kids were not only overjoyed but also proud. They truly felt that they succeeded – the stuffed animals are so cute and soft and really look like the drawings, as you can see in the pictures.IMG_5736Adults can also make Budsies. For example, a parent who travels often can make one for his or her child. A grandparent that lives far away can also make a Budsie that his or her grandchild will cherish. Each piece is inspected by an art director and interpreted by a designer. The sewing is handmade by a seamstress. Before it is shipped each Budsie must pass creative approval and stress testing.

pincess CollageHere’s a great detail: I wrote that the princess has her hair in a bun so since this is a 3D doll they did a nice bun on the princess’s head:IMG_5728Budsies are about 16″. They’re really soft and made from hypoallergenic materials and my kids love to cuddle with them at night. They certainly get a special place in the bed – right in my kids’ arms! You can buy a Budsie here. Price is $49 plus $9.95 flat rate for FedEx Shipping.minivan CollageI was not compensated for this post. I received samples.


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