Three Ways to Detox & Get Rid of the Holiday Weight Gain


joyfulI had a little too much junk this past holiday season. One of my new year’s resolution is to eat better, lose weight and be healthier and I want to start on a clean slate. That’s why detox is important and can give you a jumpstart to your metabolism by “rebooting” your digestive system. There are various ways to detox; here are my top three:IMG_2421_21. Pick a good juice cleanse:

Nothing works faster than a juice cleanse to rid your body of harmful toxins and to give you a boost of nutrients. I like the Kaeng Raeng cleanse because it also gives you protein (which builds tissue), fiber (which sweeps away buildup in your digestive system) and probiotics (which improve digestion). The pouches also include freeze-dried fruit and added vitamins. The cleanse itself is very simple: you get three pouches per day that come in different flavors, such as “Strawberry Raspberry Pineapple” and you just mix the pouch with some cold water or ice. You can choose to mix it in a blender and add your own fruit. Those are your basic three meals and you can supplement by eating fresh fruits and veggies. The Kaeng Raeng cleanse is affordable: the soy-based cleanse is $69.99 for three days and the soy-free is $79.99 for three days.road-

2. Eat Clean Food

Getting rid of junk and processed food is a sure way to give your system a rest from trying to break down hard-to-digest food. This allows a gentle detox. Try to eat food that’s in its natural form and avoid packaged foods. Focus on eating fruits & veggies, plant-based protein, nuts and legumes, healthy grains and brown rice. Avoid meat, dairy and fried food.

3. Hydrate

This is a no-brainer but some people forget to drink often. Drinking lots of water flushes out toxins from your body. Adding juice from half a lemon to a cup of water once in the morning and once at night can help with digestion.

I was not compensated for this post. I received a sample Kaeng Raeng cleanse.


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