Boxtera: Your Monthly Delivery of Delicious Snacks


slide3I’m always looking for new snacks for my family but I don’t have the time to scour the grocery store in search of healthy snack options. This is why Boxtera is the perfect solution: Boxtera is a monthly box of healthy, delicious and unique snacks. Each month you get a box with five full-size packages and all of the snacks are guaranteed to be free of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, corn syrup and trans fats. Best of all, if you want more of one (or all) of the packages you can buy individual packages online. My family and I received a sample package for review. Here’s what we thought:

tangerineTangerine Bites

This was by far the most popular snack in my household. I love dried fruit and I’ve tried a lot of different ones but I’ve never had dried tangerines. These were both sweet and tangy and had a unique and fresh pop of flavor.bananaBBQ Banana Chips

I love dried banana slices but I’ve never had them spicy and in BBQ flavor. These are fabulous and the spiciness is just the right amount for me (my kids didn’t like the spiciness at all). A serving has only seven grams of sugar and there’s no wheat in them – perfect for those avoiding gluten. If you’re having a sweet-salty-spicy craving this is your go-to snack.sesame_3Kabukim Sesame Bites

Being an Israeli I am very familiar with Kabukim – the wheat-coated peanuts – and have always been a fan. I’m glad they’re being introduced here in U.S. They’re crunchy and make a great nosh to serve guests (both adults and kids). They have only two grams of sugar and four grams protein per serving. My kids and husband had never tried them before but these were a big hit with them as well.pubmixPub Mix

This is a salty mix that’s very kid-friendly. It has pretzels, corn nuts, peanuts and various wheat snacks. My kids loved picking out their favorites (luckily they liked different things!)hibiscusHibiscus Flowers

I love getting flowers from my husband but I’ve never thought of eating flowers. These are so incredibly delicious and have a little bit of the consistency of fruit roll ups. They have a lot of sweetness with a little bit of tang. When my daughter tried them she said “I’m eating a part of nature!” We all loved these, including the baby!

Click here to sign up for Boxtera. Price is $19.95 per month. Shipping is free.

I was not compensated for this post. I received a sample box.


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