Get Ready for Spring with RUUM’s 2014 Collection


SHOT_32_143-1Although the groundhog is predicting a long winter it doesn’t mean we can’t start shopping for spring clothes for our kids. On a snowy day when it’s too cold to go outside you can head on over to RUUM from the comfort of your home and take a look at their new Spring 2014 Collection. This fun collection is a chock full of looks that will appeal to kids with various styles, as well as to savvy parents who want affordable children’s clothing. So sit back, click here and feast your eyes. Before you know it the snow will melt and we’ll be storing our coats away and catching a frisbee at the park.

RUUM American Kid’s Wear is a clothing company for kids ages newborn to 14. There are 23 stores across the U.S and you can also go online to score some great deals. I went shopping at one of their stores over the summer and got a bunch of fall/winter items. Those clothes have sustained numerous washes, puddles and snowball fights and will no doubt be a part of my older kids’ next year’s fall/winter collection. But since we’ve got spring on our brain, here are some of my current favorite looks:

Soft and girly designs provide sparkle and shine, along with textured pastels for an updated feminine look:SHOT_40_149 Denim, paired with unexpected hints of neon are a twist on classic Americana:

SHOT_49_001Bright colors, bold graphics and playful prints:

SHOT_65_104 Bright stripes and playful graphics can be mixed and matched for a cool, yet understated look:

SHOT_28_080-1 You can’t go wrong with the RUUM bestselling graphic tees in bold colors:

SHOT_26_023-1Fine gauge sweaters over unique faded plaid shirts for a versatile and effortless look:SHOT_02_030-1

Visit RUUM to see what’s new for Spring 2014.

I was not compensated for this post. I received a credit to shop online.


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