Yummy & Healthy Snacks for Babies & Toddlers On-the-Go


PicMonkey CollageThe other day I found myself racing out of the house with all three kids to be on time for an appointment. I got everyone dressed and after making sure they all had hats, scarfs, mittens, coats, etc., I realized I’ll needed some snacks so I just quickly grabbed a box of Earth’s Best Crunchin Crackers and a couple of Ella’s Kitchen Nibbly Fingers and ran out the door. Normally I pack ahead of time but it just wasn’t an option. I felt good about not having to compromise and buying my kids junk and I loved how easy it was to just grab something and not have to worry about needed an ice pack or cooler.

I recently received for review some toddler and baby snacks that are made with all-natural ingredients and are perfect to grab (or just keep in the diaper bag for emergencies).02392320196Earth’s Best Organic Sunny Days Snack Bars

These delicious bars have added vitamins such as iron, zinc, and some of the B vitamins – perfect for picky eaters who may be missing some essential vitamins. They’re soft and easy to chew so my 16-month-old was able to hold them and eat on his own. We tried the Apple flavor bars and all three of my kids loved them!02392320213Earth’s Best Crunchin’ Crackers

I typically avoid giving my baby crackers because they can be hard to chew but these melt quickly in the mouth and are the perfect size for little hands. Plus they’re cute and shaped like Big Bird and Elmo. Like the Snack Bars, these also have added vitamins.EKUS_Puffits_raspberry_vanilla_pack_84590100193Ella’s Kitchen Puffits, Munchy Biscuits & Nibbly Fingers

My older kids loved all of these and luckily, my baby, who tends to be picky sometimes, devoured them. When I offered him some when he wasn’t hungry he still ate them! I was very pleased with the low sugar content and, of course, the all-natural ingredients.

Visit Earth’s Best & Ella’s Kitchen to learn more and to purchase the products.

I was not compensated for this post. I received samples.


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