Swiffer’s Introduces a New Product: The Sweep & Trap


IMG_6053I couple of weeks ago my kids and I went to a really fun event that involved arts & crafts and a performance by Jewel. We went to an event at Make Meaning in New York where Swiffer introduced their brand-new product: The Sweep & Trap. My kids got to make some awesome food-related crafts, I got to test out the Sweep & Trap but the highlight of the event was an unforgettable performance by none other than Jewel! Yup, my kids & I got to hear Jewel singing a live version of an adorable rendition of the “clean-up song”. Here are pictures from our experience:  IMG_6042The Swiffer Sweep & Trap picks up large pieces of dirt, such as the cereal in the pictures and amazingly, it doesn’t require batteries or cords. It has rotating beater blades that can scoop up things like crumbs into a dirt bin. The bin can be easily removed. The dry cloth simultaneously traps and locks smaller pieces and dirt like glitter and dust. Here’s a close-up look of the dirt bin:IMG_6047

Make Meaning is a great place to take your kids and have them make everything from candles, ceramics, soaps or even books! It’s also a cute idea for a girls’ night out and perfect for hosting parties. My kids decorated a cookie and made a necklace out of candy.cookieCollage

The cookie decorating wasn’t your ordinary cookie decorating. There were some really unique pieces, all edible, such as little pearls and tiny colorful gemstones, plus fondants in different colors, edible markers and much more. My kids ate their cookies three days after the event and the cookies were still soft and tasted absolutely delicious. They also had a blast making a necklace out of candy (and eating as they worked).necklace CollageAfter the crafts we all got to watch Jewel performing. (Yes, she really is beautiful in real life)

Jewel is an extremely talented singer-songwriter who has zero diva attitude and is just down-to-earth and real. She sang her own version of the clean up song  – a video is available here. It was really sweet when she worked on some crafts with the kids.IMG_6056

The Swiffer Sweep & Trap is available for $19.99 at major stores such as Walmart and Target, grocery stores, home improvement stores and online retailers.

I was not compensated for this post. I received a gift bag.


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