Baked, All-Natural Apple Chips from Bare Fruit


all-natural-fujiMy family and I practice clean eating as much as possible so a piece of fresh fruit is a common snack in my house. We all love and eat raw apples on a daily but sometimes we like to mix it up by eating apple sauce and other products with apples in them. I try to avoid too many added ingredients. I recently discovered Bare Fruit apple chips. The amazing thing about them is that they are baked and contain no oils or anything else. Just apples. So when I feed my kids – especially the baby – I can feel good about giving them a snack that has only one ingredient.

Bare Fruit Apple Chips come in five flavors:

Fuji Red and Granny Smith, that contain only apples. Cinnamon, which contains cinnamon but no added sugar. And Sea Salt Caramel and Chili Lime that do contain some added ingredients. I recently received some apple chips for review. Here’s what my family & I thought:apple chips CollageFuji Red – These were simple and delicious. Because they are baked and have no oil you don’t get that oily aftertaste that you can sometimes get in other apple chips. The flavor is all there, though. They’re great sprinkled on yogurt.

Chile Lime – I typically don’t like the lime flavor but these chips are so sweet and spicy you can’t really taste the lime in there. Just super-crunchy and bursting with flavor. These are perfect for movie night at home.

Cinnamon – These were absolutely delicious! I’m a big fan of cinnamon and its well-known health benefits.

Granny Smith – I prefer granny smith apples in pies because I like apples that are really sweet but when it comes to apple chips, bring on the tang! These were hands-down my favorite: crispy, crunchy and tangy. Very addictive!

Sea Salt Caramel – These are so good and are super-sweet but also really tangy at the same time. If you love caramel these are for you. You can serve them with some cheddar cheese slices or roasted almonds.

Visit to learn more and to order Bare Fruit Apple Chips.

I was not compensated for this post. I received samples.

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