Like Tortillas and Potato Chips? Then You’ll LOVE Tortatos!


Tortatos_2Everyone loves food fusions like the cronut but if you want something that’s actually healthier try Tortatos. Tortatos are chips that are made of both white corn and red potatoes. The best aspects of a tortilla chip and a potato chip are wrapped into one delicious snack and I recently received some for review. Here’s what I thought:

Tortatos are like nothing you’ve tasted before! The shape is like a Pringle potato chip but the texture is a little different – it’s thicker and has more substance, so it’s more filling that a regular potato chip. Tortatos have 25% less fat than traditional potato chips and they’re not oily like most potato chips, so they don’t leave your hands greasy. They’re non-GMO, trans fat free and gluten-free certified.

These are the different flavors:

Barbeque – These are very flavorful and incredibly delicious. I wasn’t a huge fan of barbeque flavor before but I am now! Hands-down, one of the best snacks I’ve had in a long time.

Original – these taste just like tortilla chips and even have the texture of tortilla chips. Personally, I prefer the other flavors because they taste better, are more unique and have a really cool texture.

Salt & Vinegar – these have a vinegar flavor and are kind of sour because of it. I wasn’t a huge fan but my husband loved them!

Salt & Pepper – I loved these! The pepper is very strong and adds a kick, but I love a little spiciness. My husband didn’t love the pepper as much at first but it grew on him. If you love a little kick in your chips these are perfect for you.

Visit RW Garcia for more information and click here for a list of stores that carry Tortatos.

Tortatos_2I was not compensated for this post. I received samples.


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