Don’t Miss: Bessie’s Big Shot at the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater


justina wong-100The weather is finally starting to get warmer in New York. This means we can spend hours in the sun-drenched parks of our beautiful city! Central Park is always a favorite so next time you visit be sure to stop by the Swedish Cottage for their new marionette show, Bessie’s Big Shot.

I recently saw a performance of Bessie’s Big Shot with my kids. My kids laughed at the slapstick humor and I loved the underlying message of sticking to your dreams no matter what.justina wong pic1-30Bessie is a cow that lives on the Upper West Side and dreams of working for the circus. When the circus comes to town Bessie approaches the ringmaster and auditions for various parts, unsuccessfully. She ends up with a job cleaning the elephants’ cages but still wants to be a performer. In the end, by some sheer accident, she finally gets a job as a performer and is thrilled!justina wong 3Bessie the cow is absolutely endearing and it’s very easy to relate to her and her dreams, when you see her from the perspective of anyone who wants to comes to New York and make it big. As mentioned before, the slapstick humor drew lots of giggles from the kids in the audience and my kids adored Bessie and the show. I also liked that at the end of the show the puppeteers came out to introduce themselves and one of the puppeteers explained how to work a marionette.

The show is 45 minutes long and is recommended for ages 3-9.

When: Now through June 29th, 2013

Where: The Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater is located at Central Park, just south of the Delacorte Theater. Click here for directions and here for a map.

How Much: $7 for children under 12. $10 for all others. (kids under 18 months are free) Reservations are required. Click here to order tickets.justina wong-100


Photos by Justina Wong

I was not compensated for this post. I received tickets to the show.


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