NYC Show Review: Mothers and Sons on Broadway


Mothers and Sons John Golden TheatreIn a few days we’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day. The holiday always gets me thinking of my own mother and other moms I know who love their kids unconditionally. I recently saw the critically-acclaimed play Mothers and Sons on Broadway and found it captivating, funny and most of all, touching.

The play is about a woman who comes to New York and pays an unexpected visit to her late son’s partner, who is now married to another man and has a child. The big elephant in the room is clearly her disapproval of her son’s homosexual lifestyle and as the play unfolds she comes to realize a few things about her son, his partner and ultimately about herself as well.

Written by Terrence McNally, one of the greatest American playwrights currently active, Mothers and Sons is, in fact, a sort of sequel to a movie called Andre’s Mother. The film, written by McNally, aired on television and has won an Emmy for outstanding writing. No surprise here as the writing in Mothers and Sons is pitch-perfect. It is laugh-out-loud funny, clever and thought-provoking.
Mothers and Sons John Golden Theatre

The play deals with the death of the son from AIDS and while you might thinks it’s too depressing to watch, it’s actually a really funny play. The jokes fly at a mile a minute and there are a lot of references to New York so right from the get-go you’re hooked. Even later in the play as we find out about the son’s circumstances of death and about his constant longing for acceptance by his mother, the sombre mood gets some comic relief from the witty jokes.

Throughout the play we watch as the mother (played by the great Tyne Daly) realizes her mistakes, regrets, missed opportunities and what “could have been”. And as we see sparks of acceptance, unconditional love and the possibility of redemption one thing becomes clear: love between a mother and her child is universal and something most, if not all mothers can relate to.
Mothers and Sons John Golden Theatre

With a talented cast and impeccable writing, Mothers and Sons is a profound, extraordinary play that will make you think, laugh and want to call your mother as soon as you leave the theater.

Visit Mother’s and Sons official website to learn more and purchase tickets.

I was not compensated for this post. I received tickets to the show.


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