NYC Must-See: HyperISH at The New Victory Theater


HyperISH1 Fenna van der vliet I love watching shows that combine different types of art forms. I find that the bigger the difference between the two art forms, the more interesting the performance. HyperISH, currently playing at The New Victory Theater combines ballet with breakdance, contemporary dance with hip hop and acrobatics with street dance such as popping. I attended a performance at the New Vic this past weekend and love how the styles mashed together into a beautiful mosaic.

The seven performers, part of ISH, a dance theater company from Amsterdam, are dressed in jeans and button-down shirts yet seem ready for anything. That includes performing circus-like acrobatics and various street dances that, along with unique choreography, make for a one-of-a-kind show that can’t be pigeon-holed or categorized.HyperISH2 Fenna van der VlietHyperISH is more than just awesome breakdancing and acrobatics, though. There is a clear-cut message through dialogue, recordings of speeches heard in the background, and, of course, the choreography. That message is of us all being individuals, having our own identity, daring to be different and thinking outside of the box.

I found the show very uplifting and inspiring and with the addition of seven strong dancers and their fun attitude, this show was a hit!

The performance is 60 minutes long and is recommended for everyone age 8 and up.

Here’s a video from the show:

When: May 17th at 2pm & 7pm
May 18th at 12pm & 5pm

Where: The New Victory Theater
209 West 42nd Street, Between 7&8 Avenues, New York

Price: $14-$38 per person

To Purchase Tickets click here.

To purchase by phone call (646) 223-3010

Box office is open Sunday & Monday 11am-5pm; Tuesday-Saturday 12pm-7pm

Photos by Fenna Van Der Vliet

I was not compensated for this post. I received tickets to the show.


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