My Favorite Picks from TTPM’s Spring 2014 Showcase


IMG_7105In a little over a month summer vacation will be here and with school out there will be lots of downtime, even for kids who go to summer camp. How do we keep our kids from complaining “I’m bored”? With some fun new toys that don’t necessarily break the bank, but can keep them interested and occupied. I recently attended the 2014 Spring TTPM Showcase and saw some really awesome toys for kids of all ages. Here are my top 7 picks for this summer:

PicMonkey CollageRock & Ball from Tiny Love

This adorable ball can fold into a tambourine so you can take it on-the-go, but it has enough features to keep a baby entertained. Babies age 3-6 months can use this ball during tummy time and play with the ring and crinkly fabric while gazing at themselves in the double-sided mirror. Babies over 6 months old can change the shape of the ball into a tambourine. Appropriate for ages 3 months and up.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Crashlings from Wicked Cool Toys

Crashlings are meteor mutants from outer space that crash from planet to planet.  Amazingly, they can pop up as far as 4 feet high! There are over 150 of them so you can collect or trade them. These little guys are perfect for getting your kids sitting down at the dinner table while you’re rushing to get dinner ready. You will hear lots of giggles as your kids pop these as high as they can! Appropriate for ages 5 and up.Zing_Zano Bow_Lifestyle_002

Zing Air – Zano Bow from Zing Toys

While we’re on the subject of shooting things, the Zing Air Zano Bow is a fun toy that teaches kids basic archery. The bow shoots arrows up to 30 feet that can stick to almost any flat surface. Kids can use it anywhere indoors and you can rest assured the foam arrows won’t ruin anything. Appropriate for ages 4 and up.
200900009919Dora the Explorer Sno-Cone Maker from Little Kids

Beat the heat with yummy sno-cones! Just add ice (or fruit juice flavored ice cubes) to make these treats. The package comes with Wyler’s sugar-free tropical punch packets of powder that you mix with water and add to the ice. Appropriate for ages 4 and up.Roll & Surprise Animal Train

Roll & Surprise Animal Train from VTech

This fun train grows with your baby! A younger baby can sit and push, slide and turn the knobs to see three cute animals. In addition, the train plays 55 songs, melodies, sounds and phrases. An older baby who is walking can use this train as a pull toy by pulling on the string. Appropriate for ages 6 months – 3 years.

Maleficent Doll from Jakks Pacific

Move over, Elsa and Anna, there’s a new queen in town. In anticipation of Maleficent, coming out at the end of May, this doll is inspired by Angelina Jolie’s character. The glittery gown, cape and curved horns are true-to-character and will make any little girl squeal with excitement, as this is one of the most anticipated movies of the summer. Appropriate for ages 3 and up.
ZLine FireEscape_Lifestyle

TMNJ Z-Line Fire Escape Free Fall Playset from Nickelodeon

This unique toy is perfect for lovers of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Build the zip line anywhere you want and start sliding the turtles (not included). Younger kids will delight at sliding the turtles while older kids will have fun building the zip lines on their own. Appropriate for ages 4-15.

I was not compensated for this post. I received samples.


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