Just Pretend Kids: Fun Costumes for Creative Kids


costume_1I love watching my older kids play dress-up and pretend play – this type of playing really brings out their imagination and according to research, there are many benefits to pretend play. My youngest, at 20 months, is trying his best to keep up with his older siblings so a cute little costume of his own is in order. Just Pretend Kids is your one-stop-shop for everything kids could need for their pretend play. The costumes are unique, full of imagination and bursting with colors. Here are some of their adorable costumes (which are great for Halloween, too!)

fairy Collage

Top left (clockwise):

Nina Collection

Fruit Collection

Annie Collection

Flower Collection



Left to right: Pig Costume, Alligator Costume, Lion Costume, Unicorn Costume, Gorilla Costume


Enchanted Princess


Left to Right: Vampire Princess, Pirate Princess, Ocean Mermaid, Elegant Bride




Left to right: Dino Romper, Bear Romper, Giraffe Romper, Black Cat Romper, Flower Pansy romper


I received the Monkey toddler costume for review in size 1T-2T. It’s super-soft and plush – perfect for Halloween when the weather starts getting colder. The headpiece is separate so you can wear it over regular clothes just for playing, or perhaps, monkeying around. Available for $39.99.

Visit Just Pretend Kids to learn more and to purchase costumes & accessories. Sign up for their newsletter to receive 25% off entire order.

I was not compensated for this post. I received a sample.


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