NYC Must-See: Saltbush at the New Victory Theater


MQB. Spectacle jeune public. Saltbush. Du 31 octobre au 4 novembre 2012.I’ve been going to the theater since I was a little kid and I’ve seen a lot of different types of theater. A few days ago, for the first time ever, I experienced a show where the audience sits on stage along with the performers and is a part of the show. Saltbush, now playing at the New Victory Theater takes place on stage and is a really unique experience for kids and adults alike.

During the performance, kids sit on mats, with adults behind them on benches and they surround a rectangular interactive performance surface. This unique surface has digital graphics that are projected on it and that respond to body movements when people are touching it due to the pressure-sensors on it. In the show there are three performers who every so often call up the kids to come on stage. The kids can walk, jump and leap through images while on stage. For example, they can hop onto lily pads, escape cars on the street or chase stars in the sky. The story tells about a journey through aboriginal land in Australia and we watch as the performers pass through places such as a river, a desert and a city. The original music and digital images are a part of Aboriginal culture.Saltbush1_Courtesy Compagnia T.P.O.

I took my two oldest kids and at first my 5-year-old refused to participate. After one of the performers started giving my son a few words of encouragement he, to my amazement, got up and joined the other kids! It was surprising because he’s super-shy and never participates in anything. My kids had so much fun!

Saltbush is 50 minutes long and is appropriate for kids ages 5 and up. Note: You must wear socks to attend the performance. If you don’t have your own the theater will provide you will a clean pair.

Here’s a video from the show:


When: June 6th at 7pm
June 7 at 12pm & 5pm
June 8th at 5pm

Where: The New Victory Theater
209 West 42nd Street, Between 7 &8 Avenues, New York

Price: $25 per person

To Purchase Tickets click here.

To purchase by phone call (646) 223-3010

Box office is open Sunday & Monday 11am-5pm; Tuesday-Saturday 12pm-7pm

Photos courtesy of Compagnia T.P.O

I was not compensated for this post. I received tickets to the show.


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