Rooibos Facial Exfoliant from HTY GOLD


facial-cream-exfoliant-rooibus-hty-gold-anti-agingAre you craving that dewy, glowy, bright skin? Having great skin in the summertime can be tricky with the muggy, hot weather but one thing you can do to help is to exfoliate it with a really good face wash. Getting rid of the dead cells will do wonders for your skin and give it a much-needed boost, even after a long day at the beach. HTY GOLD is a company dedicated to making products that are made of all-natural ingredients and I recently tried their new Rooibos Facial Exfoliant – made of the antioxidant rich Rooibos plant.

The Rooibos plant grows in only one region in South Africa and is considered therapeutic for many reasons, one of which is its high antioxidant level. The antioxidants not only attack free radicals in the skin but also nourish it and provide nutrients. I tried it for a few days on my skin and right from the very first use I noticed a difference in how clear my skin looked and how soft it felt. The exfoliant contains tiny beads that very gently exfoliate dead skin cells but are not at all abrasive, so you can use it several times per week.facial-cream-exfoliant-rooibus-hty-gold-anti-aging

As in all products from HTY GOLD, the Rooibos Facial Exfoliant is not tested on animals, has no man-made chemicals, preservatives, water, fragrance or parabens. It is dermatologist tested and approved.

You can purchase the Rooibos Facial Exfoliant here. Price is $22.

I was not compensated for this post. I received a sample.



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