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Cook Academy & Camp Cook at the Essex Resort & Spa


IMG_8038I love cooking from scratch whenever possible but I’ve never tried making lasagna with home-made pasta, ricotta and mozzarella. At Camp Cook in Vermont kids as young as 10 years old make this dish — as well as many others from scratch and on a regular basis. I recently spent a few days at the Essex Resort and Spa in Vermont to learn about Camp Cook and even participated in a class at Cook Academy – a cooking class program for adults. Here’s a re-cap of my experience plus some recipes. Read the rest of this entry


Cooking Tip of the Week: Cooking rice the Easy Way


If cooking rice in a pot is difficult for you, try cooking it in the microwave with a rice cooker. You can find very affordable rice cookers that are made for the microwave and are PBA-free. I have one from Progressive and all I have to do is add rice and water, according to package instructions, put in the microwave and let it do all the work. The rice comes out perfectly each time and while it’s cooking I can make the rest of the dish without worrying about rice being burnt.

I also use it to cook quinoa, I just cook it for less time and add more water if it’s too dry.