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Healthy Food for Your Kids While on Vacation? The Westin Hotels Have it!


IMG_8743When my family and I go on vacations I’m a little more relaxed about what they eat. I try to focus on allowing them to enjoy their vacation and letting them have special treats, but I do know what eating loads of junk food can do to the body and brain of a young child. I found out about Westin Hotels’ new kids menu and was invited with my children for a cooking lesson at the Westin Grand Central in Manhattan. It was a lovely afternoon and a very special experience for my kids – making food they never have made before. Read the rest of this entry


Cook Academy & Camp Cook at the Essex Resort & Spa


IMG_8038I love cooking from scratch whenever possible but I’ve never tried making lasagna with home-made pasta, ricotta and mozzarella. At Camp Cook in Vermont kids as young as 10 years old make this dish — as well as many others from scratch and on a regular basis. I recently spent a few days at the Essex Resort and Spa in Vermont to learn about Camp Cook and even participated in a class at Cook Academy – a cooking class program for adults. Here’s a re-cap of my experience plus some recipes. Read the rest of this entry

Weekend Getaway Idea: The Essex Resort & Spa in Vermont


Aerial3My husband and I are big fans of road trips. The kids? Not so much. Last weekend my family and I took a five-and-a-half hour drive from NYC to the Essex Resort & Spa in Essex, Vermont with three small kids in tow. How did it go? Perfectly fine – the kids did great, probably due to the fact that we promised them a visit to the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory. As it happens, people will do a lot when it comes to great food and what place is better for foodies than Essex, near Burlington, Vermont –  a city known for its incredible restaurants?! With innovative chefs that use a considerable amount of locally-derived food for their dishes, Burlington has emerged as one of the top cities for foodies in the U.S. On our agenda was a two-night stay at the Essex Resort & Spa and I was planning on checking out Camp Cook, a kids’ cooking camp, as well as trying an adult cooking class. What we got was everything on our list and then some. Read the rest of this entry

Food, Fun & Games with Raddish Monthly Subcriptions


KitchenOlympicsBoxContentsFebruary is finally coming to an end but the cold weather and the snow are not going away here in New York. When it’s not snowing it’s either raining or simply too cold to be outdoors for too long. I like to keep my kids busy with fun indoor activities and Raddish can provide all that and much more! Read the rest of this entry

Holiday Shopping: 4 Fantastic Gifts for the Kitchen from T-fal


A9108972_ProS14JumboWokRTI’ve spent a good amount of the month of August doing some back-to-school shopping for the kids. While I was at the stores I couldn’t help but look around for some holiday shopping as well. Kitchen items are always a big hit because everyone likes to update what they have, plus get new and innovative items that can help making cooking easier. T-fal, the brand that introduced the nonstick frying pan to the world has some amazing kitchen products that are priced to fit your budget and offer great value as well as quality for your loved ones this holiday season. Here are my top 4 picks for T-fal holiday gift ideas (start shopping early to score some good deals): Read the rest of this entry

Good Seeds: Dinnerware for Smart Eating Habits


Deuchler0712_Picture52_largeA typical dinner at my house looks like this: I bring each kid a plate with a salad; I bring each kid a plate with an egg; I bring each kid a plate with cheese, crackers, cheerios, nuts and/or bread; I bring each kid a plate with cut-up fruit. As you can see, there are many plates involved in the process of a simple dinner for two kids. I use paper plates, mostly because I can’t handle all these dishes. This is, of course, a complete waste of money, not to mention it’s bad for the environment. Therefore I have been searching high and low for larger plates, but ones that won’t break if my kids drop them, and that are environmentally-friendly. I finally found exactly what I wanted: dinnerware from Good Seeds! And I even found a hidden benefit that makes it even more awesome!

Read the rest of this entry

GIR Spatula Gets It Right


VisualHeader_TM_1Today I am going to write about a spatula. That’s right, a spatula. I know you’re wondering ‘what’s so great about a spatula?!’ and I am here to tell you that I found a spatula that I love so much, it has literally changed the way I cook now. Read the rest of this entry