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Tom’s of Maine Toddler Training Toothpaste: An All-Natural Toothpaste for Your Baby’s First Teeth


TP_ToddlerTrainingMy 21-month-old has almost all of his teeth by now and unlike his older siblings, he actually likes brushing his teeth. Go figure! While my older kids have been using the Tom’s of Maine Silly Strawberry toothpaste, my youngest is a little too young for it. Luckily Tom’s of Maine recently launched a toothpaste made for very young children and I’ve received a sample for review. Here’s what I thought: Read the rest of this entry


Kiss My Face: All-Natural Sunblock for the Entire Family!


land-kidsThe trees are finally starting to bloom with pink and white flowers here in New York and we’re getting a taste of spring and enjoying the sunshine. Being under the sun means I need to slather sunscreen on my kids and myself and I really don’t like the idea of chemicals on our skin. Luckily Kiss My Face has a line of all-natural sun care products that can make you feel good about slathering globs of sunscreen every day for the next six months. They are free of parabens, artificial colors and fragrances, phthalates, nanoparticles and oxybenzone and are also cruelty-free. Here are some the best products for kids (and their parents!) from this award-winning company: Read the rest of this entry

Three Ways to Detox & Get Rid of the Holiday Weight Gain


joyfulI had a little too much junk this past holiday season. One of my new year’s resolution is to eat better, lose weight and be healthier and I want to start on a clean slate. That’s why detox is important and can give you a jumpstart to your metabolism by “rebooting” your digestive system. There are various ways to detox; here are my top three: Read the rest of this entry

Stay Healthy with Erba Vita Products


erbavitaI’m getting ready for the new school year, which is starting in a few short weeks. I’m starting to look into fall clothes and that makes me think about the cold weather and everything it brings with it: sniffling, sneezing, fever and all that fun stuff. This year I’m well-prepared: Erba Vita has a line of all-natural products made especially for kids that can help them get through the school year and all of the ailments it brings. Read the rest of this entry

Eco-Friendly Gifts for the Holidays and Year-Round


green mom guide logoI’ve noticed that everyone around me is becoming more conscious about the environment. My friends and my family are all trying to buy local and organic whenever possible; everyone’s more aware about recycling and people in general are just looking more for eco-friendly items for their family, whether it’s cleaning detergents, organic clothes or toys for their kids. When it comes to eco-friendly toys it seems like almost every online kids’ store has some and it can get confusing to try and figure out what’s eco-friendly and safe for your child and what isn’t. Luckily there’s a new website called Green mom Guide that neatly organizes eco-friendly items and even explains in detail their environmental or health value.

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Hitting the Beach this Summer? Coolibar Has You Covered!


03704B_4010_2It’s beginning to look a lot like summer…which means the sun will be even stronger than it is now and we have to do everything we can to protect our kids from its harmful rays. Coolibar has everything you need to be prepared to hit the beach, pool, park or back yard party. Read the rest of this entry

Skin Care Products for Baby & Mom from Noodle & Boo


baby_balm_detailEven though it’s warm outside and most days feel like Spring, my seven-month-old baby still has some dry, rough skin from eczema. His legs and especially his back can get so rough that they feel a little like sandpaper. I was worried that he might be uncomfortable or itchy but ever since I tried Baby Balm from Noodle & Boo, my son’s eczema is no longer an issue. On top of that, I discovered a brand that carries of plethora of items that are perfect for moms and can possibly be given as gifts for a certain someone on a certain national holiday that’s coming up in May (ahem!) Read the rest of this entry