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The Children’s Place 2014 Back to School Collection


childrens place CollageEveryone is gearing up for their kids going back to school and I’ve been on the lookout for new clothes that my kids will love. The older two are starting school in less than two weeks and need some new fall and winter clothes so I headed out to the Children’s Place to see what’s new. Read the rest of this entry


Are Your Kids Ready for School Next Year? Find out with a Cool Game from Lakeshore Learning


aa882_lApril is coming to an end, summer will be here before you know it and in a few short months your kids will move up a grade. Are they ready to handle next year’s material? Now is a good time for kids to make sure they know everything they need to know to get them into the next grade and a fun way to do that is with Lakeshore Learning’s new game, “Are you Ready?”. I recently received a sample for review for my daughter who’s entering second grade next year. Here’s what we thought: Read the rest of this entry

What to Get Mom for Mother’s Day? Here are 3 Great Ideas!


mother's day CollageIt’s finally beginning to look like spring here in New York and pretty soon we’ll be barbecuing with the family under the warm sunshine and celebrating Mother’s Day. If you’re looking for gifts for your mom, or even yourself, here are some unique ideas: Read the rest of this entry

Flojos Sandals: for Your Special Moments on Your Tropical Vacation


Flojos CollageIt’s been getting colder and colder here in New York and I find myself daydreaming about a vacation to a tropical island. If you’re lucky enough to be planning one (and not just in your head) make sure you add a comfy pair of sandals to your list -they’re light and don’t take up space in your luggage. Here are some fantastic shoes from Flojos with a tropical flair that are perfect for the poolside, a romantic stroll on the beach or a sight-seeing tour: Read the rest of this entry

Check Out Ruum for Amazing Prices and Cool Clothes for Kids


IMG_4386As a mom of three young kids who are constantly growing out of their clothes I find it a challenge to be able to afford to dress them all fashionable. I have a daughter going into first grade, a son going into pre-k and a baby who wears mostly hand-me-downs, but who could use a couple of new (re: unstained) items. So I want to get the most bang out of my buck and the new brand, Ruum, is a place to start if you’re into both fashion and  saving money. I recently went to a shopping event co-hosted by KidzVuz at one of their stores in the Palisades Mall. I scored awesome clothes for the coming school year and also found summer clothes with huge markdowns at the back of the store. Here are some of my favorites: Read the rest of this entry

Summer Sandals from Flojos – the Perfect Father’s Day Gift!


145_medium2It is so hard to shop for the men in my family and with Father’s Day coming up soon, getting them a gift they’ll actually love and use seems like an unattainable goal. I usually do picture frames and books but how many times can I give the same old thing? I’ve done the slippers gift before but I wanted to treat my husband to comfortable summer sandals to wear on weekends, when we’re out and about. With three young kids, he always has one in his arms or shoulders, plus he has the diaper bag, so when he’s standing or walking it’s nice to give him something that’ll make it a little more comfortable for him. Flojos makes high-quality sandals that are ultra-comfortable – the men in your family will be so appreciative!

Read the rest of this entry

Bailey Berry: Cute Summer Shoes for Kids


SlideshowFriends1BWL-1My six-year-old daughter is a budding fashionista. I try to let her pick out her clothes as much as possible and offer only a little “guidance” when she mixes and matches clothes for school. But when it comes to shoes, I try to steer her clear from colors that are too crazy or won’t match anything she has. Can you imagine my (and her) excitement when we found out about Bailey Berry shoes? Finally, a shoe that let’s her make some fashion decisions. Read the rest of this entry