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My Family’s Winter Essentials


PicMonkey CollageThis winter is turning out to be colder than even the big pessimists have predicted. I am doing my best to keep my family as warm as possible and since we have awhile to go until the weather gets nicer and we can actually spend some time outdoors I have put together a list of my family’s favorite items for helping us get though this harsh winter. Read the rest of this entry


Fun & Affordable Crafts for Your Party at Oriental Trading


IMG_1180I recently hosted my daughter’s 6th birthday party at home and since my daughter loves arts and crafts, it was our main activity. I’ve been using Orienal Trading for awhile now for party decorations and favors but I didn’t know you can also buy there jewlery-making crafts at ridiculously low prices! Here is what I got: Read the rest of this entry

5 Stunning Pieces of Jewelry For Valentine’s Day


PicMonkey Collage

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and even though I love flowers and chocolates like the next girl, what I really want this year is jewelry. And not just any jewelry; something unique – a showstopper. Something so beautiful that it immediately becomes a conversation starter. I’ve put together five breathtaking pieces I found on the web – five pieces that will make any woman smile. Read the rest of this entry

Make Yummy & Easy Popsicles With Tropicana Tropics


Tropics_OrgPeachMango_59ozThis past week my entire family was sick with a persistent virus which caused coughing and a sore throat, among other wonderful symptoms. I was pushing liquids but my kids were complaining that it hurts to swallow so I was worried that they weren’t getting enough liquids. I tried herbal tea, watermelon and all types of juices. I really wanted to avoid ices because of the sugar content and then I discovered Tropicana Tropics! Read the rest of this entry

The DRIA Nursing Cover: Not Just for Nursing


nursing_mainThere is a very popular creative writing technique which coming up with answers to the following question: “what are 50 different uses for a brick?” Apparently the creator of the DRIA Cover thought along this line when creating their product. In other words, “how do I create a cloth that has multiple uses to it?” And guess what?! She nailed it! Read the rest of this entry

Want To Bake, Saute & Roast? The Ninja Cooking System Does It All!


21CQmxjiI7LOne of the biggest dilemmas that moms today share is how to cook nutritious, home-made meals without sacrificing quality-time with their kids. Moms who work full-time out of the house are usually stretched pretty thin as it is and who wants to spend all their time in the kitchen making dinner when they can be with their kids?! Ever since I discovered the Ninja Cooking System, it has become my secret weapon for making quick & healthy meals while putting in minimal effort. Read the rest of this entry

Don’t Miss: Circus Oz Comes to NYC!


CaptureIf you live in NYC you must have been to Washington Square Park in the Village. Which means you must have seen those impromptu jam sessions…you know, they ones with a few people gathered together, just having a good old time, without a care in the world. I recently saw Circus Oz in their “From the Ground Up” tour and it seemed exactly that, except instead of music they were more like extremely sophisticated, über-cool street performers. What struck me the most was that, unlike in other similar types of acrobatic, circus-like performances, these guys and girls weren’t smiling because they had to but because they were having a blast doing what they were doing! They seemed like they were there for the fun of it and would have stayed for three more hours, had they not had to get ready for their next show. Read the rest of this entry