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The DRIA Nursing Cover: Not Just for Nursing


nursing_mainThere is a very popular creative writing technique which coming up with answers to the following question: “what are 50 different uses for a brick?” Apparently the creator of the DRIA Cover thought along this line when creating their product. In other words, “how do I create a cloth that has multiple uses to it?” And guess what?! She nailed it! Read the rest of this entry


Best All-Around Cover: The Pookie Poncho From 7AM Enfant


Now that Fall is in full swing, showers are an almost daily occurence here in New York. When you have to take your child in the stroller the two of you soon become one soggy mess. The Pookie Poncho Light from 7 AM Enfant is an ingenious cover that can be used for keeping your little one warm and cozy and also to shelter him from the rain. Read the rest of this entry