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Good Seeds: Dinnerware for Smart Eating Habits


Deuchler0712_Picture52_largeA typical dinner at my house looks like this: I bring each kid a plate with a salad; I bring each kid a plate with an egg; I bring each kid a plate with cheese, crackers, cheerios, nuts and/or bread; I bring each kid a plate with cut-up fruit. As you can see, there are many plates involved in the process of a simple dinner for two kids. I use paper plates, mostly because I can’t handle all these dishes. This is, of course, a complete waste of money, not to mention it’s bad for the environment. Therefore I have been searching high and low for larger plates, but ones that won’t break if my kids drop them, and that are environmentally-friendly. I finally found exactly what I wanted: dinnerware from Good Seeds! And I even found a hidden benefit that makes it even more awesome!

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