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Holiday Shopping: Fun Baby Toys from Bright Starts


kidsii-table-11838288-02If you have a baby at home, come holiday time – you have it easy! You don’t have to purchase holiday toys from a list your child made, or because of your child’s constant nagging (I want a doll, can you buy me a doll? dolls are my favorite, I don’t have many dolls, I don’t have enough dolls, etc.) As a mom of an infant you have the freedom to buy anything you want and Bright Starts’ “Having a Ball” collection is a good place to start. Read the rest of this entry


Unique Hanukkah Gift: A Personalized Book!


If you have kids and are looking for unique gift ideas for them, or if you have a niece or nephew that have everything and you want to get them something special, a personalized book is always a good option. Hanukkah is coming up and what better gift to give your little munchkin than a personalized book that teaches about the holiday traditions and even includes a stuffed animal!? Read the rest of this entry