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Products Celebrities Love – that are Great for Moms, Too!


CollageI’m always on the lookout for cool products and when I find out about something that’s recommended by a people who work with celebrities I pay attention. After all, celebrities can get anything they want and if it’s something I can afford, why not try it? I recently attended a fun blogger event sponsored by Caravan, a stylist studio that works with celebrities to help them with their entire look. I got a chance to sample some really cool and affordable products (some are actually used by the celebrities that Caravan works with) that are perfect for moms. Here are some of my favorites: Read the rest of this entry


The DRIA Nursing Cover: Not Just for Nursing


nursing_mainThere is a very popular creative writing technique which coming up with answers to the following question: “what are 50 different uses for a brick?” Apparently the creator of the DRIA Cover thought along this line when creating their product. In other words, “how do I create a cloth that has multiple uses to it?” And guess what?! She nailed it! Read the rest of this entry

Holiday Shopping: Fun Baby Toys from Bright Starts


kidsii-table-11838288-02If you have a baby at home, come holiday time – you have it easy! You don’t have to purchase holiday toys from a list your child made, or because of your child’s constant nagging (I want a doll, can you buy me a doll? dolls are my favorite, I don’t have many dolls, I don’t have enough dolls, etc.) As a mom of an infant you have the freedom to buy anything you want and Bright Starts’ “Having a Ball” collection is a good place to start. Read the rest of this entry