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Thinking About Holiday Shopping? Check Out New Toys from V-Tech Kids!


IMG_8314Even though it’s still summer, some people (such as myself) like to plan ahead and start thinking about holiday shopping. I recently attended an event for V-Tech’s newest toys and while most will be available for purchasing only in October, take a look at some of my favorite picks for kids of all ages (and scroll to the bottom for one special product available now!) Read the rest of this entry


My Favorite Picks from TTPM’s Spring 2014 Showcase


IMG_7105In a little over a month summer vacation will be here and with school out there will be lots of downtime, even for kids who go to summer camp. How do we keep our kids from complaining “I’m bored”? With some fun new toys that don’t necessarily break the bank, but can keep them interested and occupied. I recently attended the 2014 Spring TTPM Showcase and saw some really awesome toys for kids of all ages. Here are my top 7 picks for this summer: Read the rest of this entry

Shopping for the Holidays? Check Out these New Toys from VTech!


VTech-LogoSeptember is long gone…my kids have settled nicely in school…and me? I’m moving on to my next project: getting ready for the holidays! I am not a “last-minute” kind of person – I like to be prepared so I’ve been on the lookout for unique and innovative toys for my kids, nephews and niece. VTech has just what I need, for babies and older kids. At a recent event I got to see a display of toys that was impressive even to this Mama who has kids with toys up the wazoo. Here are some of my favorites: Read the rest of this entry