Movie Review: The Hero of Color City


photo02Although Fall is one of the best times to go see movies in the theater, there seems to be a shortage of kid-friendly movies right now. I’m talking about G-rated, wholesome movies that you can take a toddler to and not worry about violence or inappropriate content. When I received an invitation from The MOMS to attend a screening of The Hero of Color City I was excited – I had no idea a toddler-friendly movie was coming out and I was really looking forward to seeing it with my kids.

The screening showcased Zarbee’s, a delicious vitamin supplement and immune support for kids. I tried one and believe me – they taste just like candy. The movie itself was a lot of fun and with minimal scary scenes. It stars Christina Ricci, Owen Wilson and Rosie Perez.photo01In the movie, a group of crayons are trying to protect Color City from an unfinished drawing that threatens to destroy a large waterfall which causes them to lose their color. They bravely face their fears and end up saving their entire town, while learning a few lessons on the way.

One aspect that makes this movie stand out is that because it’s about crayons, it’s super-colorful, even more than a typical animated film, so it’s really beautiful to look at. Color City is a place bursting with dazzling colors and the visuals, coupled with some cute songs, add another dimension.photo03The Hero of Color City is sweet-natured and while it may not be too deep or thought-provoking, it’s perfect for toddlers and young children under 8 who will no doubt find it very entertaining.

The Hero of Color City is currently playing at select theaters and can also be viewed on demand. Click here for more info.

I was not compensated for this post. I attended a screening.


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