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Whimsical Crib Bedding from Skip Hop


IMG_8325Hard to believe that my youngest is no longer a baby and will be turning two next month! As he’s getting older, bigger and becoming a little boy we felt it was time to update his crib bedding. Skip Hop is a brand known for its efficient diaper bags and adorable kids’ backpacks but they actually also have a terrific line of bedding sets. Their modern, yet whimsical designs are just what you need when you want to brighten up a nursery with a pop of color that can still likely match what you already have. Read the rest of this entry


Get Ready for the Holidays with B. Toys


Global GlowballMy family and I love the B. Toys brand. In the past few years we’ve purchased (or gotten as gifts) a bunch of their toys for our kids at various stages of their lives. B. Toys are ubiquitous at Target (our favorite store for pretty much everything) and when it comes to buying holiday gifts, we make sure to have at least one visit to see what’s there. B. Toys carries some hot new items for 2013 that are just too creative to pass up. Here are some that we love: Read the rest of this entry

Save Money on the Coolest Products With KidBox Monthly Subscriptions!


532247_320265724752949_157085779_nI love receiving packages in the mail. Especially if it’s something I bought for less than the original price. KidBoxes is a monthly subscription services that sends you a variety full-size products for half the price if you bought them at a store. Sounds too good to be true? Find out how this unique service works. Read the rest of this entry

The DRIA Nursing Cover: Not Just for Nursing


nursing_mainThere is a very popular creative writing technique which coming up with answers to the following question: “what are 50 different uses for a brick?” Apparently the creator of the DRIA Cover thought along this line when creating their product. In other words, “how do I create a cloth that has multiple uses to it?” And guess what?! She nailed it! Read the rest of this entry

Holiday Shopping: Fun Baby Toys from Bright Starts


kidsii-table-11838288-02If you have a baby at home, come holiday time – you have it easy! You don’t have to purchase holiday toys from a list your child made, or because of your child’s constant nagging (I want a doll, can you buy me a doll? dolls are my favorite, I don’t have many dolls, I don’t have enough dolls, etc.) As a mom of an infant you have the freedom to buy anything you want and Bright Starts’ “Having a Ball” collection is a good place to start. Read the rest of this entry

Get Ready For Winter With 7 A.M. Enfant Accessories


Having recently delivered a baby, I was less than thrilled to find out the predictions for this coming winter: more severe weather with more snow than usual. I live in a city so walking is my main means of transportation during the week when I pick up my kids, go to the grocery store or anywhere else I might be going – and I go out in any type of weather. With all of my outings I need to be prepared this winter to protect a very young infant from the likely possibility of harsh weather. Luckily, 7 A.M. Enfant has great-quality and stylish winter gear to keep your kids warm and toasty! Read the rest of this entry

Fit Everything But the Kitchen Sink In the Dadgear Backpack Diaperbag


Although I love diaper bags that look like stylish pocketbooks I know I will never use one. What can I say, I’m a practical person. For me, a diaper bag should be two things: 1. Roomy enough to store everything you want to take and 2. Comfortable enough so that both your shoulders can carry the heavy load equally. This is why a backpack diaper bag is the only way to go, in my opinion. The Dadgear backpack diaper bag is both comfortable to carry and has tons of room for over-packers like myself.

First things first: I love that there are so many compartments – 13 total! There’s even a small compartment on top that’s perfect for diapers, called a diaper hammock – I actually use it for dirty diapers (wrapped in plastic bags, of course).

We took the diaper bag for a day out when we knew we’d be out from 8am until 10pm. Due to the mesh pockets being so wide and all the other compartments and pockets so generous in depth, we were able to store tons of diapers, water bottles, snacks, clothes, stuffed animals and other miscellaneous items without feeling like the diaper bag was exceeding its limits.

The diaper bag has two insulated side pockets for bottles and comes with a changing pad and a wipes case. Another feature is a specially designed window for the wipes case that allows you to dispense wipes. We haven’t used it yet – we’ve been using the wipes directly from the case.

In terms of comfort, the diaper bag has straps that are very comfortable so if you want to take it for a long hike you certainly can. We also love that it comes in so many different colors, such as black, blue, red, pink, orange, green and more!

The Backpack diaper bag is sturdy, practical, comfortable and roomy – exactly what every parent needs to make their life on-the-go a little easier.

You can purchase the backpack diaper bag here. Price is $89.

I was not compensated for this post. I received a diaper bag for review purposes.